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Windows 10 May Update is False Flagging No Internet

With the launch of the Windows 10 May Update (Version 2004), the chances are that, if you don’t have it already, a quick check of your operating system should now prompt you to download and install the latest version release. Actually, while I’m writing this article (and checking out of curiosity), I can confirm that I am now able to make the upgrade so the chances are you probably are too! I only mention this as the update was released in a ‘wave’ to prevent an oversaturation of downloads from the Microsoft servers.

It seems, however, that if you do make the upgrade, there might be a little issue regarding your internet connection. More specifically, that in a report via BetaNews, Windows 10 may incorrectly report that you’re not actually connected.

Windows 10 Falsely Reports No Internet

With the issue known to only affect some users who have made the update to Windows 10 version 2004, the internet icon in the task bar is reportedly showing many people that they are, in fact, disconnected.

While Microsoft has acknowledged the problem (and are trying to work out why it’s happening), the good news is that if you are having this problem, it’s only an aesthetic issue. In other words, despite it not saying so, your internet should still work perfectly fine. Well, presuming you do have a connection!

What Do We Think?

It’s certainly a big of a bizarre bug, but at least it is only on a visual level. So, in other words, if you are able to make the update, don’t worry that if you do so your internet will suddenly stop working. In a nutshell, it basically boils down to an inconvenience glitch rather than an outright issue.

So, as I go to hit the restart button, hopefully, I won’t get this problem and, all going well, you (probably) won’t either. If it is more widespread, however, well, at least I know about it now!

What do you think? Have you upgraded to Windows 10 2004 yet? If so, what are your impressions of it? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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