Windows 10 on the Xbox One Sometime After Summer

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Microsoft Windows is very popular. Whether you are a fan of the operating system or not, you have probably used some version of Windows. In fact, a lot of you will be using it to read this article right now. From some time after summer you will be able to run your Xbox One on Windows 10.

Microsoft’s vision for Windows 10 has always been one of many devices with one operating system.  They scrapped Windows Phone and Windows RT and are now just having Windows 10 replace them all. Windows is used on the Xbox One as we speak, it’s what runs the app environment, but next the plan is to have your Xbox One upgrade to Windows 10.

For a while now Microsoft has made available an Xbox app for Windows. Allowing you to chat with your Xbox friends, connect with your console and of course, checking that you still have more gamerscore than your 10 year old nephew.

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With Windows 10 still in development for all the platforms, the Xbox version will be no different and be introduced as a beta. It was tweeted by Xbox boss Phil Spencer that this was coming “post-summer.”

Of course, this is quite vague, but I am sure there will be more news at E3 in June.  Details are still vague at what changes this will make to the Xbox One, but with the PC version of Fable Legends’ players being able to play against Xbox One players, the introduction of Windows 10 could only be good news for cross platform rivalry.

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