Analyst Says Windows 11 Doesn’t Offer Enough for A Fast Adoption Rate

With the release of Windows 11 earlier this week, while there have been a number of people who have made the ‘upgrade’ to the latest operating system, without the release of any official figures, it’s currently more than a little difficult to know exactly how well it is doing in terms of adoption rates. I mean, I haven’t made the move yet, but that’s mostly due to the rather alarming performance drop bug found in AMD Ryzen processors. – Following a report via TechSpot, however, Analyst group ‘Gartner’ has given some rather grim predictions about the short to medium-term success of Windows 11.

Windows 11 to Suffer the Same Problems as 10?

Although Windows 10 is over 6 years old now, its market share (compared against all active Windows systems) has still not managed to hit the 80% mark. Put simply, the adoption rate for that operating system was exceptionally slow. And as part of this report, ‘Gartner’ believes that Windows 11 might be set to share the same fate. – Why though? Well, speaking in the interview they raise two key critical points:

  • They believe that the features offered in 11 could’ve easily have been applied to 10. And for what is new, they feel that this isn’t enough to attract a mass migration
  • The system requirements for the OS have made support for outdated software exceptionally unclear

Another factor that definitely won’t help, however, is the data from a recent survey that found that only 38% of Windows users know that a new OS was available!

Some Good News

Despite the rather negative outlook, ‘Gartner’ does still believe that Windows 11 will provide many positives to the market. Most notably is a new ‘rallying point’ for the industry which hasn’t been seen since 10 released back in 2015. Additionally, while they predict that business/enterprise migration will be especially low (only around 10% by 2023), Microsoft changing the major update system to just once a year will be viewed as a positive.

The bottom line though is that strictly from a consumer standpoint, I was personally a very early adopter of Windows 10. In regards to 11 though, I think I’m probably going to wait a few months. Probably until the point that I can actually be bothered to do a fresh install on a clean system. In so far as I can tell, while Windows 11 might offer a few nice quality of life upgrades, it doesn’t really have anything more going for it than that.

With Windows 10 support set to officially end (on a consumer level) in 2025, however, like it or not, it seems that Microsoft is pretty adamant that we’re going to be moving to 11, whether we like it or not!

What do you think though? Have you upgraded to Windows 11? If not, do you think you’ll be sticking with your current OS? And if so, for how long? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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