Windows 11 to Feature Dynamic Refresh Rate Technology

Although there is clearly something of an issue in terms of compatibility for some users, it’s hard to deny that Windows 11 seems to bring a lot of interesting, and dare I say exciting, new features to the operating system table. Following a report via TechPowerUp, however, while this is perhaps not the most thrilling on the surface, it has been confirmed that Windows 11 will introduce a new dynamic refresh rate technology that, in the easiest terms possible, will look to try and save you some cash on the electric bill.

Windows 11 – Dynamic Refresh Rate

In its simplest terms, this new technology will look to adjust the refresh rate of your display depending on what content and activity you are currently engaged in. It is understood that if a browser or Text document has been left idle for a period of time, Windows 11 will automatically reduce your refresh rate. As soon as you spring back into action, it goes back up to normal.

Why could this be useful, though? Well, for desktop PC users, it probably won’t be. However, if you do plan to utilise Windows 11 on your laptop, this could save you a pretty tasty chunk of battery power!

Will This REALLY Be Useful?

In the grand scheme of things, probably not. As you might expect, there are a number of requirements from your graphics card necessary in order for this to work. This could, however, easily squeeze another 30 minutes of life out of your laptop and, with this and desktop PCs, it could even manage to shave a little bit off your electric bill. Enough to get excited about? Probably not. Every little helps though!

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Mike Sanders

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