Windows 7 Upgradable to Windows 10?

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The Windows 10 Technical Preview is already out in the wild and so far we’ve been hearing nothing but good things about Microsoft’s latest operating system; apart from the fact that Microsoft’s marketing department doesn’t know how to count to ten. It’s currently unclear exactly how or when Windows 10 will launch; obviously there will be a mixture of upgrade, download and retail bundles, but the finer details are still a mystery.

While full retail copies are a certainty, as well as being able to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 10 via downloadable updates, there are now also reports coming in that Windows 7 can be upgraded directly to Windows 10.

Users with the Windows Insider Program installed are able to get the push notification to download the update that will move their OS to the new Windows 10 Technical Preview. It’s worth pointing out of course that while this is a free update for registered users and developers, it’s still not the final product and general consumers may only want to install the update for research purposes; everyone else should wait until the official release of the OS.

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It’s unclear at this time if the Windows 7 to Windows 10 update process will be part of the official release, it’s possible that Microsoft are simply trialing this method, or that it will only be possible for the Technical Preview; we’ll have to wait for more information from Microsoft to be certain.

Thank you Chiphell for providing us with this information.

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2 Responses to “Windows 7 Upgradable to Windows 10?”
  1. gadgety says:

    Could we get a pro/con for changing from W7 to W10, please.

    • Lazar Alexandru says:

      Pros: New Windows Universal Apps added.
      USB 3.0 support without installing drivers.
      Metro UI Apps also can be windowed.
      DirectX 12

      Unfinished operating system
      Chance of losing files (Yeah, that’s true, so always have a backup on an external HDD)
      Charms not working (you can activate from Properties on the taskbar but won’t work), is it just me?
      Lower gaming performance (may be a virtual machine issue)

      I tested Windows Technical Preview by myself and I have to say that Windows 10 is going to be a good Operating System but for now is unfinished.

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