Windows 8.1 Overtakes Windows XP! But Only In France

/ 3 years ago


Windows 8.1 has done fairly well over the past year managing continued growth in most markets despite the relative failure of Windows 8. In France Windows 8.1 achieved a landmark objective this month as it overtook Windows XP in uptake. Windows 8.1 managed 8.83% of the market and Windows 8 managed 8.5% giving a combined market share of 17.33%. Windows XP has 8.55% of the market putting it fourth, behind Windows 8.1, for the first time. Windows 7 still dominates with a hefty 48.91% of the desktop OS market in France.

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Since April 8th 2014 Microsoft’s Windows XP no longer receives updates or security patches meaning all XP users are technically vulnerable unless they purchase extended support packages from Microsoft. Does Windows 8.1 have what it takes to ring the final death knell for Windows XP?

Source: Softpedia

Image courtesy of StatCounter

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  • Chris Jones

    Looking at this, it’s fair to say Win7 is going to live as long as XP did…

  • dewskerz

    This chart is horse crap… they are singling out windows 8 and 8.1 individually… THEY’RE THE SAME THING.

    windows 8 actually has about 16%, easily beating macos

    • Yes but Windows 8.1 is not Windows 8 so the chart isn’t “horse crap”.

      • makky

        U buy windows 8 and u get 8.1. So basicly they are the same.