Windows 8 developer preview out for free download

/ 6 years ago

Microsoft have got the ball rolling with Windows 8, they have made the developer preview available for free download to the public. They are offering a range of options for download and testing, you can go with the 32 bit Windows 8 developer preview which is 2.8GB, the 64 bit Windows 8 developer preveiw which is 3.6GB or you can download the 64bit version with some bundled developer tools which is 4.8GB big. The Windows 8 developer preview is a pre-beta service hence why it is free to download: Microsoft wants to get it into the developer community to improve it, fix bugs and get ideas of ways to make it even better.

All versions are free to activate and most if not all Windows 7 applications and programmes should work on it, so if you’re struggling to get your hands on an OS this could suit you needs for a while. The versions suits only x86 systems i.e. AMD/Intel based systems so ARM driven tablets are out of luck this time. You can download the Windows 8 pre-beta developer preview here.

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