Windows 8 games can be easily be pirated via simple hacks

/ 5 years ago

As revealed by Nokia’s engineer Justin Angel in his blog, Windows 8 games that are distributed via Microsoft Windows Store can be pirated very easily through various methods.


Angel wanted to point that Windows 8 game developers are most likely going to lose a large chunk of revenue because of this oversight, but Angel posted a step-by-step guide on how to pirate hacks, crack trail versions to get full paid/premium versions, removing in-app ads and even reduce the cost of an in-app purchase.

He then concludes that Microsoft should be on alert and work on their feet to issue a patch and solve the issue before the developers are effected. Not a good sign for Microsoft engineers and employees.

Source: BGR


One Response to “Windows 8 games can be easily be pirated via simple hacks”
  1. Soft Batch says:

    Aaaaand his blog is down. That was fast.

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