Windows 8 Uptake Still Less than 3.5% Market Share

/ 5 years ago


Microsoft is throwing all its weight behind the Windows 8 operating system trying to develop a new wave of AIO PCs, tablet PCs and desktops. Yet we can clearly see the new operating system is struggling based on the negative and hostile response from many consumers and technology websites, as well as the fact Microsoft has refused to publish any figures on sales and market share details.

Thankfully, other companies collect market share statistics. The latest figures provided by market researchers, Net Applications, indicate that Windows 8 is being taken up by the market at a very slow pace. As of March 2013, last month, uptake was just 3.17% – a very low figure indeed. Even though Microsoft is increasing market share it is doing so at a very slow pace and considering all new PC builds are shipping with Windows 8, so in effect Windows 8 uptake is being forced, the uptake rate is still slow. This would suggest that not only is PC demand currently sluggish, but that Windows 8 is deterring people from buying new systems.

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We won’t recount information from the graph above because the results are easily readable and accessible. We want to know what you think about Windows 8, Why is uptake so slow? Why are Microsoft refusing to publish sales figures? Why do people not like Windows 8? Let us know your thoughts, especially if you use the new OS.


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2 Responses to “Windows 8 Uptake Still Less than 3.5% Market Share”
  1. I’m a user of windows 8 and i really like it. Fast boot, for the rest same functions as windows 7 but you have the metro interface to easily access your mails, watch the weather and other things you want to add to it. It’s easy, fast and also more reliable

  2. Wayne says:

    I use Win 8 on one of my office desktop PC’s and I don’t find it all that bad but it’s no reason to switch from Win 7. I think it’s mainly designed for AIO systems. On phones & tablets I suppose it’s a matter of preference. At the moment I only use, test & market Android mobile devices (I try to avoid touch Apple’s stuff). Speaking to my customers, they seem largely unmoved by Windows 8 devices citing mainly poor value for money and other things.They seem to have a penchant for Android devices. I myself still use Win 7 on my latest gaming rig. I prefer it. Let’s see what Blue brings to the party. I’d love to see the day we can choose whatever phone or tablet we want and then install whatever operating system we like. Guess that won’t happen anytime soon, if ever.

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