Windows 9 Could Arrive This Year, Microsoft Aims For Rapid Release Cycles

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Speculation about Windows 9 is heating up already. Windows 9 is going to be Microsoft’s next big OS release and they think it will be needed to move Windows users from older operating systems like Windows XP and Windows 7 to newer ones. This is especially true given the relative failure of Windows 8 and the fact Windows 8 seems incapable of moving users from Windows XP and Windows 7 – a new approach is required. Famous Windows leaker WZor claims that we will see the beta version of Windows 9 from May while the final release candidate could be expected later on this year – the Windows 9 RTM is slated for between October 21st and October 25th.

The speculation matches the rhetoric Microsoft had at the latest BUILD conference in June 2013 where former-CEO Steve Ballmer stated that:

“We are moving to an absolutely rapid release cycle, Rapid release, rapid release, rapid release.We’re transitioning from a software company to a company that’s building software, devices and services, And the only way we can do that is to adopt a rapid product release cadence. This is fundamental to what we’re doing, and what we must to do to mobilize our ecosystem and our partners.”

Microsoft speeding up the release cycles for Windows could have both good and bad consequences for consumers. What do you think about the possibility of us seeing Windows 9 this year? I for one haven’t even left Windows 7 yet!

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Image courtesy of WinBeta

Source: Softpedia and WZor

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6 Responses to “Windows 9 Could Arrive This Year, Microsoft Aims For Rapid Release Cycles”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    I’m still on 3.1. Next step is ’95. 😉

  2. Techguy101 says:

    A rapid release cycle will only work if each release is cheap (£20 or so) or free. If Microsoft still charge £100 for a new OS every year everyone will move to Linux.

    • This is very true. I only bought Windows 8 because it was going for £25 early last year, when they put the price back up I’m pretty sure people just stopped buying it and I don’t blame them. I think OEM PC builders pressure microsoft to keep the price high because it makes building your own PC seem like it isn’t worth it when the OS alone costs £100. Of course Microsoft partners get each Windows 8 license for a pittance (maybe a few pounds per key) so that gives them a distinct advantage in legal PC building. However, it isn’t putting people off building their own PC, just driving them to piracy or linux.

  3. Disappointed. says:

    “What do you think about the possibility of us seeing Windows 9 this year? I for one haven’t even left Windows 7 yet!”
    I think you’re not fit to talk about things like this. Truth be told (and no offence) tech enthusiasts who run from change are not tech enthusiasts at all.

    • I’m not running from change. I am a university student and we require certain software that isn’t fully compatible with Windows 8, therefore my desktop has to run Windows 7. I run Windows 8.1 on my laptop because I can, the latest version of Android on my phone and tablet. Hardly running from change. Not that I see how you’re even in a position to judge who is apparently fit to talk about things and who isn’t. Anyone can talk about these things, including you.

  4. Alistair Hardy says:

    I just don’t get the current fad in tech that you need a new OS or a new game every year.
    I hope Win9 is a fix for the train wreck that is Win8 and then they return to longer release schedules (between 3 and 5 years) as OS changes are a pain in the back side.
    a lot of businesses are only just migrating from WinXP.
    as someone who works for a bespoke software company (Pay on Foot parking systems), i can categorically say that OS changes are a royal pain in the fucking ass…

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