The Windows 9 Preview Gets A Confirmed Reveal Date

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Windows 9 this, Windows 9 that: let’s face it you’re probably sick of the Windows 9 rumours by now. Well here’s to hoping that this is the rumour to end them all: The Verge is reporting that Windows 9 “Threshold” will be officially unveiled by Microsoft on September 30th, that’s in just over a month. Microsoft will host a special press event for the Windows “Threshold” unveiling and at the event Microsoft will begin to detail the changes that Windows 9 brings compared to Windows 8. A reveal is not a release so let’s be clear here: Microsoft won’t be offering anything with widespread access although a technical preview version will be made available to a select group of developers.


This is what the Windows 9 Start Menu is rumoured to look like

Why all the hype about Windows 9? Well if all the recent press and rumours are to be believed Windows 9 will dramatically change what we saw with Windows 8, and maybe give Windows 7 loyalists the successor they always wanted. Windows 9 “Threshold” could bring a start menu, the removal of the charms bar, several UI changes such as Metro Apps running on the desktop and even the introduction of the Cortana personal assistant. All of this is still to be confirmed, but Microsoft should be enlightening us all about Windows 9 next month, so stay tuned for that news.

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Source: The Verge

Image #1 courtesy of Winbeta, Image #2 courtesy of MYCE

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  1. Serialmania says:

    Companies such as EA, Microsoft, Ubisoft etc…. should stop milking their products all over and over again….

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