Windows Phone 8.1 To Support 10″ Tablets

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While Microsoft is working hard to integrate the two platforms of theirs, those being the ARM dependent Windows RT and their Windows Phone platform, here’s something that confirms the impending demise of the former in favor of the latter.

The rumor is that Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 GDR3 software update will bring more than just support for 1080p displays and quad-core processors. Amongst all the new features, the real game changer would be the addition of support for 10″ displays to the Windows Phone platform. This can only mean one thing, that the days of Windows RT is numbered, and the merging of the two platforms will happen sooner than we had initially anticipated.

We already heard that the GDR3 Windows Phone updatemight add support for 5- to 6-inch devices, but it seems the update after that – the Windows Phone 8.1 release, code named “Blue” – might push that even farther, although this obviously infringes on Windows RT/8.x tablets, so it’s not clear what the thinking is there.

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Compatibility with more devices is generally a good thing, but there are few key questions that signal extending Windows Phone 8.1 to tablet-sized devices may not be a great idea. One question that Microsoft should take into consideration is the possibility to maintain and explain three different operating systems that are all on devices of the same size. Another question that is unclear is what will be left standing between the Windows 8 and RT that are currently battling over 10-inch displays if Windows Phone 8 tablets of the same size join the trio.

Finally, probably the most encountered question that everyone heard of, will the Windows RT and Windows Phone 8 eventually merge. It’s time for Microsoft to clarify their actions for current and future Windows users.

Thank you TechPowerUp and TechRadar for providing us with this information.

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