Windows Vista and 7 to get 10 years of post release support

/ 6 years ago

Back in July Microsoft announced it would phase out support for Vista by April 2012, which would be alarmingly close had Microsoft still retained the same policy. However, in a dramatic turnaround Microsoft has completely revised its support policies for both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Before this policy revision Microsoft offered 5 years of support to consumer customers meaning Vista support would have expired in April this year and Windows 7 in early 2015. Business customers were due for preferential treatment getting 10 years of extended support. Now both consumers and businesses get the 10 years of extended support meaning if you have Vista you are safe until 2017 and if you have Windows 7 you are safe until 2020. And by safe we mean you will recieve Microsoft updates and supports.

Specific dates are: Windows Vista’s consumer support is extended to April 11th, 2017. Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020.

Source: ZDNet

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