Wireless Charging Could Soon be the Norm at Starbucks

/ 3 years ago


Wireless charging is the way to go when it comes to charging your mobile phone or tablet, but Starbucks is big enough to make it go mainstream, no?

The coffee shop chain is reportedly set to roll out wireless charging stations in its shops in the San Francisco Bay Area, and if it’s successful, across the US. The company will be rolling out wireless charging in its shops using Powermat Technologies hardware, with Powermat Technologies’ CEO Daniel Schreiber teasing that the charging speed at Starbucks locations could actually rival cabled charging speeds.

He added that there are only a few devices on the market that are compatible with Powermat’s technology, out of the box at least, with Starbucks providing Power Rings for charging. You can buy them for $10, or loan them, with Duracell-Powermat providing them online. Starbucks’ vice-president of in-store digital services said “You’ve got to have a complete system. No one has taken the plunge, [but] we want to start giving manufacturers a reason to put it in their phones.”

Sources: TweakTown & Readwrite.com.

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