Wireless Sensor Networks May Be Created By Bugs, Such As Cockroaches

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We might change the way we will see cockroaches in the future, as scientists from the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology alongside the Osaka University in Japan are working in a way to use them in our technological advancement.

The scientists are working on developing a ‘fuel cell’ system that harnesses power from the cockroaches’ internal system and uses it to power a very small sensor that’s placed on their backs. One is not that important or revolutionary, however by adding them up into groups, they can become a self-powered wireless sensor network, however in theory up until now.

The fuel cell on the cockroaches’ backs uses trehalose to generate power, which is a sort of sugar present inside the bug’s body fluids. Complete with electrodes, a needle and a tank of body fluid, the fuel cell system can generate up to 50.2 μW of electric power, just enough to keep a small sensor running.

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After solving the power problem, the scientists then just have to develop a sensor for any specific need, and easily create a self powered small sensor network by placing them on cockroaches. There would be enough power in the little ‘buggers’ to keep the network up and running for a long period of time, as the cockroaches secrete the trehalose substance continuously inside their body.

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