Woman Buys PlayStation 4, Gets Box of Bibles

/ 3 years ago

ps4 bibles

In a repeat of a story from last week, a woman from California bought a PlayStation 4 as a Christmas gift for her boyfriend discovered, when her boyfriend opened the gift on Christmas morning, that the console had been replaced with two heavy bibles.

Sandra Ortiz bought the PS4 from a local Target store, with no clue that there could be anything out of the ordinary lucking within the console’s box. Ortiz told CNN that her boyfriend reacted in good humour, saying, “He said he didn’t want the Bibles unless they were autographed by Jesus himself.”

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The most likely scenario is that a customer bought the console, swapped it for the two bibles, and returned it to Target for a refund, granted without re-checking the contents of the box. When Ortiz return the PlayStation to the store, Target employees “immediately apologized for any inconvenience and exchanged it for a new one.”

Source: CNet

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    That PS4 ain’t gonna save you buddy!

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