World of Warcraft Implement Robin Williams Tribute

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Blizzard has promised and Blizzard has delivered. The tragic passing of the highly popular comedian and actor Robin Williams shocked many throughout the globe, it sparked multiple stories and reports on his life achievements, his advancements and attributes to comedy and also his tough battles with depression.

Willams was said to be a World of Warcraft fanatic, so the studio has paid respects to their fallen comrade. Wowhead has reportedly found a hidden character code of a tribute to Williams, and a few days later an update has seen it come to life. This update can be seen through the Warlord of Draenor expansions BETA, containing an island that houses a special lamp. A quick rub will see a genie appear that directly resembles Williams’ efforts in Aladdin.

It is said that there are a few smaller mementos located within the game, Engadget pointed them out:

“You’ll also find a broken egg with machinery inside (an allusion to Mork and Mindy), and there may be subtler odes to both Mrs. Doubtfire and Toys.”

Don’t have the BETA? You’re going to have to wait until the official release on November the 13th, or take a look at this video.

Image courtesy of Wowhead

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  1. Mike Laste says:

    In my opinion… Take the gold off his wrists because he is a free genie.

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