Xbox Live Turns Ten, Microsoft Celebrate With A Freebie

/ 5 years ago

Believe it or not, but 10 years ago we saw the launch of Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, which changed the way that we played games, with the ability to connect to other from all over the globe and play together. Since 2002, we have seen many changes and improvements and today on top of the standard ability to connect and play, you can also watch films, TV music and a whole host of other services all through the Live channels.

To celebrate a decade of Live, Microsoft are giving each and every one of their users a freebie, in the form of the Kinect game Wreckateer, but this is a time limited offer and is only available to download for free until the end of today. Don’t worry though if you’ve not got Kinect, as there are a number of half price special offers that can also be found in the market place for a short time as well. Some of these are fantastic offers when you look at it with such titles including Battlefield 1943, Geometry Wars: Retro Eveolved, Peggle and Castle Crashers to name but a few.

Its not reported if this is all the celebratory offerings that are to be found but keep an eye on the XBL Marketplace where any special offers may be found. Either way, happy birthday to Xbox Live and

Source: Fudzilla

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