Xbox One Controller Support for PC Might Be Coming “Very Soon”

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Some games cannot be played without a controller to aid you. Whether it’s fighting games or even some RPG games out there are not meant to be played on a normal keyboard and mouse. There are multiple options in terms of controllers for PC users out there, but if users were expecting to connect an Xbox One controller, it might not be the end of the world since compatibility for it is said to be coming “very soon”.

Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb seems to have responded in a cryptic message to a gamer who was complaining about the lack of PC support for the Xbox One controller with the “Soon. Very soon.” message. Due to the lack of proper information, it is not yet quite clear when the support will arrive to PC users and some may speculate that it will be announced during E3 at Microsoft’s presentation. The truth is that we will only officially know about its existence and release date once Microsoft will decide to share the information.

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Support for the Xbox One controller has been announced since 2013, when it was expected to be released this year. If the previous claims are to be true, along with Larry’s cryptic message, we might see the ‘official’ support for the Xbox One controller by the end of the year. It is ‘official’ because the Xbox One controller can be made compatible with unofficial workarounds. However, the method might not be fancied by all, especially non-technical users. To be added is its reliability, since it’s an unofficial workaround. Therefore, an official support release is eagerly awaited.

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