Xbox One HoloLens Plans Leaked – In 2012

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Microsoft is no stranger to leaks. Most of the company’s plans have been some of the worst-kept secrets in the industry. Well now news has surfaced giving us a look at one of the biggest leaks in Microsoft history. A leak that no-one really ever took notice of.

According to Engadgeta document was uploaded to Scribd in 2012 that basically laid out all of the company’s Xbox plans in intimate detail. It covered many of the things that have been realised today – the Xbox One with its media functionality, the inclusion of the new Kinect, and perhaps most intriguingly of all, the 2 year old documents detail a certain “Project Fortaleza” – the very project that would become Microsoft’s HoloLens glasses we saw a few weeks ago.

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The documents, which have since been deleted, carry an incredible level of detail, with most of the plans coming true. However, there are a few things in there that haven’t become true – the Xbox One was supposed to be priced at $300 but instead was released with a high $500 price, and there’s also details in the documents that say Microsoft originally wanted to have the HoloLens out in 2014. They also said that they wanted an updated model out in 2015 with “4G connectivity” – something unlikely to happen for at least a while.

Be sure to visit the source link to read the plans in more detail.

Source: Engadget

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