Xebec Tech Itouchpad Diamond Wireless Keyboard with Track Pad Review

/ 6 years ago

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We at eTeknix do like to take a look at as many peripherals as possible, but we are especially keen to take a look at something a bit different and a bit more innovative. Today we have a productive that while it isn’t revolutionary in design or features, is certainly an inventive product, and one that we expect to be fairly popular.

While we have all grown up with the humble mouse and keyboard, with the invention of the laptop they had to find an alternative to the mouse, eventually the track-pad was formed (as well as other, less successful creations). While this was perfect for the laptop, the mouse still ruled for desktop PC’s, but what was to come with the development and increase in popularity of the HTPC or Media Centres. Surely you do want to have to use a desk or table for the computer hidden in your lounge.

Xebec certainly thought there was a market for such a product, and we certainly think they are right. As such they have created a keyboard and track pad very much like the ones you will be used to on your laptop, on top of that they aimed to make it look right at home with stunning looks and bold colour choices.

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One Response to “Xebec Tech Itouchpad Diamond Wireless Keyboard with Track Pad Review”
  1. Great review. There is nothing to say anymore, you guys just review exactly what we want to know.
    Only thing is, as a matter of a preferences, I wouldn't exactly choose this keyboard.

    Although, if you need testing the connectivity, you can send it my way, I can test the 10m through anti-seismic walls at my place, if it can do that, 10m shouldn't be a problem 😛

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