XFX launches first custom HD 7970 card

/ 6 years ago

While all the other graphics card manufacturers have been sending out reference HD 7970 graphics cards with new stickers XFX has managed to design and produce a custom cooled HD 7970 in the same time frame. The XFX R7970 Double Dissipation card makes use of a reference AMD PCB but with a custom cooler featuring two 92mm PWM fans. XFX have  factory overclocked the card to 1000 MHz core and 5.70 GHz effective memory on the black edition variant. While the normal Double Dissipation variant sticks to AMD reference clock speeds of 925 MHz / 5.50 GHz.

The card is equipped with 3 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 384-bit wide memory interface. It uses the same display output arrangement as every other HD 7970, with one dual-link DVI, an HDMI 1.4a, and two mini-DP connectors, the only difference being it features a custom-designed rear-panel bracket with XFX branding. A review is out already, you can read a full review of this card here courtesy of KitGuru.

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