Xigmatek XAF Series F1255 120mm Fan Review

/ 5 years ago

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Xigmatek aren’t a brand known that well for their fans but they do actually delve quite a lot into the cooling market making a wide variety of CPU coolers and fans. Xigmatek are more well known for their cases of which we have tested many including recently the Asgard 381, Midgard II and Elysium.

Cases aside though, today we have a fan with us from Xigmatek’s XAF series – The F1255. You can get all the specifications, images and other information from that link, but in case you are too lazy to go and investigate we have included the specifications below:

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The Xigmatek XAF F1255 comes packaged in some tight fitting plastic which gives you a good look at the product.


The back contains some detailed specifications and information. Apologies for making you turn your head!


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