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XPG CYBERCORE II 1000W Platinum Power Supply Review


3.3V and 5V are tested at 10-100% loads together, and then 12V is tested in the same fashion. This shows us if the PSU is able to maintain its target voltage regulation while delivering different loads. Ideally, you want to see this within 5% deviance, but under 3% is better, and of course, the lower the better with 0.00% change being the ideal result.

With the 3.3v and 5v loaded, voltages were pretty consistent with just 0.6% under the rating, it was consistent and well within tolerance. Interestingly, the 3.3v was +1% over the previous test when the 12V rail was loaded, but again, the deviation was the same, just +.6% rather than -.6% so well within tolerances again.

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