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XPG CYBERCORE II 1000W Platinum Power Supply Review

A Closer Look – Internal

The unit is easy enough to open by removing 6 screws on the exterior. With it opened up, I can see that it uses an XPG Nidec Vento Pro 120mm PWM fan. XPG actually sells this fan separately as a high-performance high static pressure cooling fan, and it’s likely overkill for a PSU, but hey, I’m not complaining that the fan is too good!

The fan also uses a standard 4-pin PWM connector, so if you ever need to swap the fan out for whatever reason, it’s very easy to do so. Overall, the interior components look pretty neat and tidy, albeit rather densely packed, but at least that does mean the form factor is kept fairly compact too.

What cables there are throughout are kept pretty minimal and all appear to be well protected and shielded where appropriate too. Plus, as packed as it is in here, there’s a reasonable amount of space between all components for better airflow.

Towards the back, there are a few exposed bits of solder on the transient filtering, but overall, it looks pretty robust with thick wiring too.

There are a couple of unused headers (white) on the unit, I suspect this PSU is ARGB capable or at least that PCB is, and they use it throughout their range on other configurations. There are two PFC inductors, and there are a few large aluminium heatsinks throughout which should provide passive cooling and also improve active cooling too.

A small detail, but I also appreciate that much of the hardware is black too, not that I find PSU internals to be overly distracting to the eye when they’re installed, but I suspect a clear look from all angles will add to the appeal for some. I haven’t reviewed PSUs for 5 years and these components were largely bright yellow and on green PCBs back then.

XPG has deployed 100% Japanese capacitors throughout, and they’re all rated for high-temperature performance, and should just generally add peace of mind to the overall quality of this unit. There are a few of these 2200 µF 6.3v units.

The main bulk capacitors are 420v 680 µF and again rated for 105c like all the other ones.

It’s hard to see the rest, as they’re sandwiched between two smaller PCBs and some copper shielding, but there are four more on the far side besides the PFC coils and two more on the near side.

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