XSPC’s Razor 7970 water block detailed

/ 6 years ago

XSPC has finally readied its water block for the AMD Radeon HD 7970 and HD 7950 graphics cards (reference PCB).

The block is designed to fully cover the the card and provide liquid  cooling to all the hot components on the obverse side of the PCB while maintaining a profile that will keep within the size specifications of a single expansion slot.

The cooler measures 220 x 142 x 9 mm (18 mm at ports). Coverage of the cooler includes the GPU, the 12 GDDR5 memory chips, and the VRM. The part of the cooler covering the GPU is ridged with copper micro-fins to increase the dissipation of heat to the coolant. Mainly made out of copper, the portion covering the VRM is milled out of aluminium while the top is made out of CNC-cut stainless steel.

The block is ready for CrossFire setups with four G1/4″ ports and two G1/4″ plugs that come included.

Now listed online (although currently out of stock), the XSPC Razor 7970 is priced at £82.67 (US $131).

Source: TechPowerUp

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