Yeston release a cost-effective HD 6790

/ 6 years ago

The Chinese company known as Yeston have recently introduced their own version of the Radeon HD 6790 graphics card specially designed for the gamers with limited funds.

Through the combination of various economical solutions across the card, Yeston was able to reduce the price to a nice 799 RMB (around $125).

From the beginning, we notice two things, the cooler and the PCB. While the PCB has only been modified to be more economical, the heatsink as been entirely changed, with its design very familiar to that of the MSI Cyclone. Making contact with a copper-plate base, two 8 mm nickel-plated copper heatpipes project from the base and circle around the heatsink through two aluminium fin arc structure spirally-projecting on each side of the heatsink. A constant airflow is provided by a 80 mm fan at the center of the heatsink.

Using the 3+1 phase VRM, common coil-type chokes and DPAK MOSFEETs to power the 40 nm Barts LE GPU, this economical solution allows the HD 6790 to draw power from a single 6-pin PCIe power connecter, making it one of the few to offer such feature.

As for the GPU itself, featuring 800 stream processors, it is clocked at 840 MHz core while the 1GB of GDDR5 memory on a 256-bit wide interface is clocked at 1050 MHz (4.20 GHz effective).

Display outputs are composed of two DVI as well as one HDMI 1.4a and one DisplayPort 1.2.


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