Young People a ‘Lost Generation’ Who Can’t Fix Technology, Professor Warns

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People under 40-years-old expect technology to ‘just work’ and don’t know how to remedy problems, meaning more gadgets, computers, and appliances are being discarded rather than fixed, according to the professor giving this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures.

Professor Danielle George of Radio Frequency Engineering at the University of Manchester will lead the lectures, entitled Sparks Will Fly: How to Hack Your Home, starting December 29th.  Professor George sums up the thrust of her lecture:

 “We’ve got a lost generation that has grown up with factory electronics that just work all of the time.

All of these things in our home do seem to work most of the time and because they don’t break we just get used to them. They have almost become like Black Boxes which never die. And when they do we throw them away and buy something new.

But there is now a big maker community who are thinking hard about what we do with all of these gadgets. They are remaking and repurposing things.

I talked to someone who had used some LEDs on his bike so that he could put up a message as he was cycling.”

The Royal Institution Christmas lectures will air on BBC Four between 29th and 31st December.

Source: The Telegraph

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4 Responses to “Young People a ‘Lost Generation’ Who Can’t Fix Technology, Professor Warns”
  1. Jayson Hewe says:

    People who expect technology to ‘just work’ are those who takes it for granted.

  2. Ryan Airth says:

    Well, people should at least try turning it off and on again before replacing what ever is malfunctioning.

  3. MashedTator says:

    Do we blame these young people or these technologies that become more and more advanced as the months go by?

  4. Xavier Isaacson says:

    How to “hack” your home? Hack? What level of idiocy has the education system reached where we have professors using such inaccurate terms in a professional setting? It isn’t a god damn “Hack”, you aren’t doing something with the item that was never meant to be done, you are just fixing something you imbecile.

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