Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is a Five-Year-Old Boy

/ 3 years ago

Microsoft Certified Professional boy

A five-year-old boy has become the youngest person ever to pass Microsoft’s Certified Professional exam. Ayan Qureshi, from Coventry in the UK, has been using computers since he was three years old, under the guidance of his father, Asim. Ayan has a home computer lab, in which he has constructed his own network.

The invigilators worried that Ayan was too young to sit the exam, but Mr. Qureshi assured them that his son could cope. “There were multiple choice questions, drag and drop questions, hotspot questions and scenario-based questions,” Ayan said of the test.

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Mamoona, Ayan’s mother, said of her son’s accomplishment, “I’m very happy and very proud, I don’t want to see him set a world record every day. But I want him to do his best whatever he does in his life.”

Ayan’s ambition is to set-up a UK equivalent to California’s Silicon Valley. He wants it to be named E-Valley.

Source: BBC

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  • Ryan Airth

    Dayum. Some kid, he’ll be making OSs in his teens, probably.

    • Porkalicious

      I hope it will be a better OS than the current, main ones 😛 Which would be kinda ironic considering this info xD

  • Austin Parker

    im done

  • DABhand

    He did very very well, you need the 3 core certs to get a MCP. And he has done well, it is always funny to watch people who haven’t done well in education to somehow attack the kid who has done better than them. On Facebook the amount of hate was expected, and the race card was used also.

    Wonder why companies employ Asian workers? Look at this kid and see why, and then look at your own society which you think is good and see that a vast majority of whites and even blacks are not employed, because they have not succeeded in education and are not socially acceptable.

    Real life…