YouTube Announces Offline Playback… In Indonesia, India and The Philippines

/ 3 years ago


YouTube has announced offline playback functionality for its Android app, allowing users to watch select videos when they’re without an internet connection. The only issue is however, it’s only for users in Indonesia, India and The Philippines.

The app will allow users to keep a variety of content, including trailers, movies and music videos, for 48 hours before being deleted. Users can also choose the quality of download so they can limit their data usage.

While many users all over the world would love this feature, it’s understandable why Google have only made it available to people in those countries. For instance, all of those countries have rather patchy mobile data networks, meaning it can be quite difficult to do anything online, let alone stream high quality YouTube videos. Plus, mobile data can be quite expensive in those places as well, making things even more difficult. So it’s understood that this is part of Google’s efforts to get its services to as many people as possible.

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For users in those countries, the offline mode should be available in an update to the app.

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