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YouTube Channel Uses Presidents for DeepFake Videos

Undoubtedly, ‘deepfake‘ videos represent quite a concern surrounding their potential to effectively represent people saying things they never actually did. For example, only a few weeks ago a ‘deepfake’ video was released showing President Nixon’s speech had the Apollo 11 moonlanding ended in disaster.

Let’s be honest though, when applied to comedy, they can have some pretty amusing effects. And sticking with the theme of US Presidents, the YouTube channel ‘Ekian M’ has recently released two new deepfake videos. One showing JFK expressing his love of Rick and Morty, and the second presenting Bill Clinton declaring his love for ‘big butts’ (which he can not deny).

Bill Clinton & JFK Deepfake Videos

The creation of these videos does require some knowledge of how to effectively use AI algorithms. With this knowledge, however, not only are you able to replicate the mouth movement, but you’re also able to (with alarming accuracy) also replicate the sound and tone of the person’s voice.

As above, it is a rather concerning technology and undoubtedly has legitimate concerns surrounding its potential use in ‘fake news’, but it certainly is also capable of producing some real moments of legitimate comedy!

What Do We Think?

Well, firstly, I never thought I would hear JFK say ‘wubba lubba dub dub’. Albeit, for some reason, the thought of Bill Clinton liking big butts doesn’t seem, comparatively, quite so shocking. If you do, however, want to learn more about this, you can visit the creator’s YouTube channel (Ekian M) via the link here! – He has various videos posted online on how he was able to create his own ‘deepfake’ content and if you have any interest in the subject, it’s well worth checking out!

What do you think? What’s the best/worse deepfake video you have ever encountered? – Let us know in the comments!

Mike Sanders

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