YouTube User Unboxes Xbox One Retail Unit, But Where Did He Get It?!

/ 4 years ago


Well isn’t this unexpected, a random YouTube user has come online with an Xbox One and done a full unboxing, no idea where he got the console, although the video certainly appears to be genuine, either that or he has access to an epic 3D printer!

The user also claimed to own some of the games for the console, promising to upload videos of them shortly, although we do not know which.

The video description on YouTube reads;

“Hey guys got xbox one so i thought i would upload a video of me unboxing it hope you enjoy. If you have any question just ask me in the comments or if there is anything in particular you would like me to do. Stay awesome and see more cool stuff SUBSRCRIBE”

Naturally the video was pulled pretty damn fast, but there are mirrors cropping up pretty quickly, so lets hope that while you’re reading this, the video is still live.

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What do you think, legit or epic scam?

Thank you GearNuke for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of GearNuke.

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  • plk4

    Any chance for a link to the oryginal channel?

  • Valeriu Steel Rod Crainic

    Bottom line it could be legitimate, my guess is Amazon maybe had an inventory screw-up and so sent the XBone to the kid, same way as some people received GTA V days before release and made R* rage at Amazon.

  • maforduk

    Looksa Legit but this kid can’t review for Sh*t!!!

    • sazzz

      it is not a review, its an un-boxing you dumb fuck.

      • slubdub

        one of the worst unboxings ever… here’s this shiny thing, and there’s that.. and ummm…. er….. batteries!

      • ManPants

        If it was an un-boxing video wouldn’t it, oh I dont know, show the actual unboxing of the product?

      • TwsT


      • Jimmy Wls

        Dumb fuck says it’s un-boxing.

        Wait, what boxes?
        Oh yea, look at the boxes for 00:01 seconds. Great “unboxing”

      • Gerry Mann

        Let me explain. An unboxing video is where you get to see the customer unbox ( meaning take the product out of the box) the product and either review it or leave it. A review video is where the customer has the whole product taken out and (in most cases already used it) is reviewed/discussed about. Also calling someone a “dumb fuck” is inappropriate as you’re the one who’s wrong. I do feel indeed stupid for actually explaining you the basics of English but you’re the one who doesn’t understand so maybe you should take note of that and think again next time mate.

  • George Gourlay

    That is not available from Amazon till 22nd November. He must be the son of an Microsoft Xbox employee..

  • omni

    you all should understand software developers have 100’s of the consoles. eg. at work there is one on every desk. They are sort of a requirement for final testing of the games so If someone walked out with one, thats completely feasible.

    • TwsT

      still not the best idea to upload a video of it. I know alot of people who had GTA early but they didn’t shout about it. becuase NDA

  • Austin Parker

    if he says ummmmmmmmm ehhhhhhhh 1 more time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hahaha – so true

    • Jimmy Wls

      Well said, my good sir!

  • Roque Vandress

    The kid sounds Canadian a little if you listen to his accent. Nothing wrong with that, but maybe his dad/mum got it from ubisoft or something. I’m just guessing anyway.

    • ben

      he’s canadian so he got it from ubisoft? that’s a bit of a jump there…

      • Dannyjh69

        That sounds like an irish accent to me.

      • Jimmy Wls

        Do you have any ideas how many dev studios there are in Canada? xD hahaha

  • simon

    still wanna punch him in the face!

  • Nuka

    What, no link to the video? Lame.

    • Jeppe Carlsen

      As it says in text, the video was pulled.

      • Jimmy Wls

        I could watch it

        • Jeppe Carlsen

          Yeah, the original video was pulled though. The DailyMotion one is a mirror, which Nuka apparently didn’t notice?

  • Mark

    He’s dad is an developer at Microsoft….

    • DarkNightRJ

      was. lol

  • Skidmarks

    It could’ve fallen off a truck.

    • Jimmy Wls

      ermmmm, yea sure xD

  • Jimmy Wls

    WOuld be cool if the boy was found, thanks to the weak reflection of his head into the Xbox One Headset 🙂

  • Gerry Mann

    “Butteries” xD nice one mate…

  • Kurt Kuppens

    well im sure it is real but as he said no games so it is useless anyways lol and after posting that on youtube most likely no xbone anymore either 😛

  • Not the aaaa.. Kid

    Aaa you know… aaa it would have been nice if aaaaa… he did a nicer unboxing aaa… Lol 🙂 But seriously he could have prepared a bit before making the video 😀

  • stark_source

    I imagine Microsoft send out a wave of products to a select group of people to test the stability of the machine and iron out any bugs before release date. I’m assuming there are strict contracts around these test-boxes. This kid may have received an early box as a tester, only to then break his contract by recording the whole thing for youtube. Hence the video being pulled. There’s no reason for YouTube to pull it. The kid pulled it, presumably after a call from Microsoft. Ooops.

    Either that or it’s a hoax, possibly released by Microsoft itself to build hype. It would be the first time.

  • Gary Sloan

    more than likely a reviewer’s son or some other member of the gaming industry – highly unlikely this was sent directly to him in person.