YouTube Will Finally Remove Its 301+ View Counter

/ 2 years ago

youtube 301 views feature

Surely you must have seen a video with “301+” views on YouTube by now, but have you ever wondered why YouTube implemented this particular feature in the first place? Well, it seems that the measure was meant to prevent gaining views via automated measures, as it allowed YouTube to analyze the validity of a video’s views before it became viral. The system was introduced in the website’s early days and it definitely helped combat scammers, but it looks like it has now become obsolete as automated views can be distinguished from real watchers more easily. As a result, views will now climb naturally on YouTube, but suspect activity will still be reviewed and measures will still be taken against it.

For the average user, this change will probably have little impact, but it could mean a great deal for those who make serious money from posting videos. That’s because they will be able to track the popularity of their projects with better accuracy, which means that they will be able to react accordingly should the need arise. The image above will give you a better idea of what exactly was going on behind the 301+ feature.

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