Zalman 1250W 80 Plus Platinum Power Supply spotted

/ 5 years ago

Zalman’s latest power supply is a 1250W continous power supply with the prestigious 80 Plus Platinum certification.

The ZM1250 Platinum uses a dual forward switching topology, with a full-bridge and LLC resonance circuit, DC-DC module. It uses a dual asymmetric +12V rail design, with a 45A rail powering the 24 pin ATX, CPU/EPS, which are fixed to the unit, and and a large number of SATA, Molex, and Berg (floppy) connectors through five peripheral power hubs; all of which are modular connectors. The larger 65A rail drives the eight 6+2 pin PCIe power connectors, of which two are fixed, and six modular.

Our informed guess about the OEM of the ZM1250 Platinum, looking at some of the pictures below, is Channel Well Technology (CWT), certainly a new platform. One can find CWT regulars (for PSUs in this range), such as dual-transformer design, a protection IC governing the secondary stage, APFC and LLC resonant circuitry, and higher efficiency DC-DC switching (for the various voltage domains). The protection IC shields against over/under voltage/current and short-circuit. Another IC handles cooling, care of a large 140 mm temperature-controlled fan.

Designed for the high-end market segment, the ZM1250 Platninum from Zalman is expected to be priced at US $320 (about S $410).

Source: VR-ZoneOverclockers Ukraine

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