Zalman CNPS9900DF CPU Cooler Launched

/ 5 years ago

Zalman’s CNPS9900DF has been under development at least since May, so it is certainly a product they’ve spent a long time on. The CNPS and DF branding in the name do actually mean something. DF is an abbreviation for dual fan, whilst the CNPS represents the Computer Noise Prevention System. The 9900 CPU heatsink block has been used many times on Zalman products. Modifications will have been required as some of the previous 9900 based Zalman coolers haven’t been as good as their price suggests they should be.

The dual fans allow for a push-pull set up with the pushing happening from the middle fan and the pulling from the left fan. The cooler has 6 nickel plated copper heat pipes in total with 4 going to to the main heatsink and 2 to the heatsink with less airflow. Nickel plated copper fins are arranged in a circular fashion giving a surface area for heat dissipation at 6,800 cm². Measuring 140 (L) x 100 (W) x 154 (H) mm, the CNPS9900DF weighs in at 850 g. The 120mm push fan in the centre spins at 1000RPM whilst the 140mm pull fan operates between 900 to 1400 RPM. Both fans utilise FDBs (fluid dynamic bearings) and total noise output is less than 27 dBA. Pricing is about $90 – the same as the NH-D14.


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