Zalman introduce Z9 U3 Gaming case

/ 6 years ago

Zalman’s Z9 gaming case has been around for a while now and Zalman felt it was time for an upgrade. The “U3” model is a standard Zalman Z9 gaming case (more details on that here) but with a couple of new additions. As the name would suggest the new case features USB technology with a couple of USB 3.0 ports on the front and it also gets an acrylic side window to replace the fan intake meshes that were previously there, reflecting an overall trend in the market which is shifting from demand for side fan mounts towards demand for acrylic windows so users can actually see their system builds.

Other than that specifications remain pretty much similar to before.  The case supports ATX boards and lower, graphics cards up to 29cm, has 3 pre installed 120mm fans (top, back and front) with an additional space for a bottom 120mm fan. The top fan is blue LED, the case is expected to cost $70.

Source: Overclockers Ukraine

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