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There are tons of internet personalities streaming live shows of them playing their favorite video games. Today I will tell you about Angel Hamilton AKA ZilianOP. Angel has been streaming for over a year now, playing World of Warcraft and Diablo 3 primarily, but also showing off other games. The issue with Angel isn’t that he was streaming, it is that he was lying to his viewer base. Last week he miraculously stood up and walked away from his wheelchair, shocking everyone watching.

Angel has been claiming for the past couple years to be disabled, and wheelchair bound. He told his viewers that he was paralyzed from the waist down, this could be for a few different reasons. He could have been trying to swindle money from softhearted people who were willing to give into his lies and donate money to him, or it could have been how he was wanting to portray his internet personality. Either way he has raked in over $20,000 in donations over the past couple of years. That is not counting the in-game items, in-game currencies that his viewers gave him. He received donations from fans to get a wheelchair valued at over $2,000 and $5,000 to move closer to his girlfriend. He also raised funds to purchase electronics.

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I do not know the statistics on how much other personalities make from their shows, having their own websites, and blogging about their favorite games. But I do know that you can make a fair amount when you get big enough. On top of that with many accepting donations from their fan base, and even being sponsored by large companies, Angel could have started raking in some big bucks if he hadn’t burned himself by making this huge goof. He lost his twitch account which was banned, where he had over 26,000 fans which is small compared to other personalities.

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  • Ööö… i just wanna say one thing..



    why his account got banned ?
    is it in the tos of twitch not to lie ?

    • Scamming people out of money and using twitch services to do so is againest the TOC of partnership and twitch use.

  • Korrh

    @ZILZAL:disqus lying is one thing, scamming is another. Zilian was a twitch partner, and his “disability” played a big part in his stream. Twitch banning Zilian makes sense due to the outrage from the community and fraud behind his stream. To not ban him would be an insult.

  • What a twat. there is always one dick that has to ruin the community and take advantage of people.

    I hope he gets more than just a twitch ban.

  • Wow what a dick honestly lie about that for 8 months….

  • MrFlakeOne


  • Nickel Dare

    Even though this is like 2-3 Weeks old.
    I still think he should pay back everything he got through donations.