Zotac Announce GTX 980 AMP! Extreme and AMP! Omega

/ 3 years ago

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Hungry for performance but looking for something extra cool? Zotac might just have something to tickle your fancy.

Yesterday they released their new poster child to the world – the Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Extreme Edition (pictured above). This mean machine is running NVIDIA’s new Maxwell chip at a minimum core frequency of between 1291 (base) and 1393 MHz (boost) and incorporates a memory clock of 7200MHz into its architecture. The card is also offering a large 4GB of memory running at DDR5 coupled with their ‘ZOTAC OC Plus‘ independent power controller which is said to allow for easier overclocking for end users.

Zotac asks if we’d like to “live above the limits”, a marketing slogan that doesn’t bring anything too fancy or new to the technology scene, but it certainly begs the question – how will this card stack up in user reviews compared to similar offerings from other companies such as GIGABYTE who offer a 1288MHz core frequency for one.

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Zotac also claim that “smooth power delivery is vital when it comes to intense gaming sessions” and go on to talk about their own ZOTAC Power+ technology which is said to “monitor the GPU’s power requirements in real-time to optimize the power delivery circuitry for maximum stability while minimizing wasted energy for long-term reliability and extreme performance.” There are other various claims made through their official satellite site in regards to cooling effects, overclocking capabilities and general card architecture. Is this marketing hype, or is this really some ground-breaking technology on offer? Its up to you and the reviews to decide.

As far as the GTX 980 AMP! Omega card is concerned, Zotac offers this with slightly lower specifications and a different style.

We’re excited to see how this card will stack up against it’s competitors – make sure you continue to check eTeknix for future review articles on these graphical beasts.

Image courtesy of Zotac

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One Response to “Zotac Announce GTX 980 AMP! Extreme and AMP! Omega”
  1. Wayne says:

    Aesthetically the cooler has got to be one, if not the ugliest cooler I’ve ever seen but that’s not to say I wouldn’t have it. Zotac makes some really good stuff and you wouldn’t be able to see this card in my case anyway, hell I wouldn’t even care if the PCB was green just as long as it does what it says on the tin I’d be happy.

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