Zotac GTX 660 Thunderbolt Graphics card spotted in the Chinese market

/ 5 years ago

Zotac launches the GTX GeForce GTX 660 Thunderbolt Edition, but before anyone gets more curious, this card does not have any Thunderbolt output.

Specs wise, the Zotac GTX 660 uses Nvidia’s 28 nm GK106 core. The card comes with core clock speed of 980 MHz , booting to 1033MHz and 2GB GDDR5 with 192 bit memory interface.

What’s new is that this card uses a new non-reference cooling design with a detachable fan shroud for easy cleaning.

The cooler uses a heatsink with three copper heatpipes and a large array of aluminium fins. Zotac has a new feature call “EClean”, which allows the end user to easily detach the cooler shroud with the mounted fan. Once the retention notch is pressed, you can slide the shroud from the fin-stack and you can clean the main section of the heatsink and the shroud.

There doesn’t appear to be any word on pricing for now, but the GPU seems to be reserved for the Chinese market until further notice.

Source: EXPReview 

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