Zotac and LG Create Curved Monitor With Built-in PC

/ 2 months ago

While not the main focus for most consumers, the team at Zotac have come up with an interesting new product at CES 2018. The monitor/display is an ultra-wide 21:9 LG curved display. On its own, this is a great panel to use. However, Zotac has integrated one of their compact AIO systems into the back of the display, rather than mounting it to the VESA mount externally.

The system is passively cooled, so it’ll keep noise levels nice and low. Of course, with it being integrated, there’s no need for a second power cable, display cables or anything, it just fires up and it’s ready to rock. Of course, with it no being on the VESA mount, you can still use your own custom mount as normal. This could be a huge benefit to POS displays and business users.

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