ZTE Grand S3 to Make Use of Biometric Technology for Authentication

/ 3 years ago


ZTE appears to have seen a lot of potential in biometric technology and is currently shifting to embed the new technology in its Grand S3 smartphone. The company is looking to add a new authentication feature to its handset that would scan a user’s eye in order to grant access to the device.

One of the pioneers of biometric authentication in smartphone is Apple, having added fingerprint authentication in the iPhone 5s and latest models. However, ZTE is taking a different approach and is currently working with EyeVerify to integrate retina scanning technology in the Grand S3’s front camera.

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Eyeprint ID is not as fast as typing in a PIN code or using a fingerprint scanner, but it does help add an extra layer of security. For now, the technology can be used only for unlocking the device, but the company is planning to expand the Eyeprint ID’s reach to applications as well.

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