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Chinese University Uses Urine to Charge Smartphones

A teaspoon of gray powder, a small amount of mineral water and a splash of urine was the chemical concoction that Sichuan University students used to charge their smartphones ...

6 days ago

GTA V on PS4/Xbox One Looks Great, Big Step Up From PS3/Xbox 360

Grand Theft Auto V on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches this week, after enjoying its time on the previous generation consoles. The next-gen version of GTA V features ...

6 days ago

Android 5.0 Features No Silent Mode

Android 5.o has been well received throughout the wider technology community – providing users with many new features and an updated design. However, there’s one ...

6 days ago
millet 72 hour

Mental Millet Part 2: Phone Specifications and Price

Yesterday we reported on Chinese phone manufacturer Millet processing an incredible 1.62 million phone orders over a non-stop 72-hour period, blasting the local Chinese ...

6 days ago

OCZ Sneak in Update of Vertex 460A, Features A19 MLC NAND Flash Upgrade

“Vertex Transitions to Next-Gen Toshiba Technology” reads the latest release press from solid state manufacturer OCZ. Their Vertex 460 disk series has seen a ...

6 days ago

Don’t Worry: Sony is “Really, Really Apologetic” Over PS4 Issues

Sony is finally addressing the various issues with its PlayStation 4 console, with the SCE Australia Managing Director, Michael Ephraim talking about the recent troubles of ...

6 days ago

Battlefield 4: Final Stand to be Released on November 18

EA has announced that the final map pack for Battlefield 4 will be released this week, with Battlefield 4: Final Stand being made available for premium members on November 18. ...

6 days ago

Reliable Tech – Hardware Repair Rate Rankings Released

As computer enthusiasts often get hostile about their favorite brands warranties, returns and reliability, we’ve just been given an insight into hardware failure and ...

6 days ago
millet 72 hour

Mental Millet: 1.62 Million Phone Orders in 72 hours

Chinese phone company and electricity provider Millet have just reported that after 72 hours of continuous operation, they’ve dispatched over 1.62 million total units ...

7 days ago

DirecTV to be the First Cable Company offering 4K TV

There’s a very common and rapidly growing group within the popular Reddit community, they’re called ‘cord cutters‘. Currently grossing over 60k ...

7 days ago

Apple has Disabled TLC Memory

Due to a high reported rate of functional defects, Apple has decided to stop using TLC NAND flash memory technology in their iPhone 6 devices. According to insiders talking ...

7 days ago

AMD FreeSync Display To Be Cheaper than G-Sync

AMD executive Richard Huddy recently talked at USA’s PDXLAN about some upcoming trends in the market – including a public release of Mantle SDK and Windows ...

7 days ago
summoners rift update

LoL Update Sees New Map Introduced

Many months ago I was introduced to a jaw-dropping statistic. According to their own data, Riot Games will see a minimum of 4 million users logged in to their League of ...

7 days ago

Japan Launches Giant PS Vita – 7 Inch Screen

Thanks to Gamersky, we have just become aware of a Japanese-only release of the “DekaVita 7″, which is a 7″ screen alternative to the current 5″ PS ...

7 days ago

Top Dog – ASUS Motherboards Expected to Outsell GIGABYTE

According to ‘industry sources’, CnBeta has recently reported that ASUS is now expected to move more units in 2015 and kick GIGABYTE off the top position. ASUS ...

7 days ago
iphone 6 and plus

iPhone 6 Sales Over Triple iPhone 6 Plus in the US

Over the last 30 days, Americans have voted with their wallets – showing that they find the iPhone 6 much more favorable to their needs. Apple’s iPhone 6 has ...

7 days ago
turing award

Turing Award Now Worth $1 Million, Thanks to Google

The prize for the world’s most prestigious computer science award has quadrupled to $1 million, thanks to a sizeable grant from Google, the Association for Computing ...

1 week ago
Skype for web

Microsoft Sends First Invites for Skype for Web Beta

A beta version of Skype for Web, a clientless iteration of Microsoft’s messaging service for use as a web application within your internet browser, has been released. Since ...

1 week ago
Microsoft Certified Professional boy

Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional is a Five-Year-Old Boy

A five-year-old boy has become the youngest person ever to pass Microsoft’s Certified Professional exam. Ayan Qureshi, from Coventry in the UK, has been using computers ...

1 week ago

Tesoro Peripheral Competition Winners!

It’s competition winner time! I’ve fired up the random bean machine to pick not one, not two, but three! lucky winners this week. We’ve got a cool bundle of ...

1 week ago

U.S. Department of Energy to Spend $425 Million on Supercomputers

The US Government’s Department of Energy has announced it is to invest $425 million to build two supercomputers, which, when built, will be the fastest computers in the ...

1 week ago

Turn Your Smartphone into a Polaroid Camera with Prynt

A small French startup has revealed a prototype “shoot ‘n’ print” camera addon for smartphones called Prynt. The hardware has a built-in printer that receives photos ...

1 week ago

UK’s NHS Breaches Data 6 Times a Day, Including on Social Media

Privacy pressure group Big Brother Watch has conducted research revealing a startling number of sensitive data breaches by the UK’s National Health Service. On average, ...

1 week ago

US Marshals Spying on Phones From Planes

The Wall Street Journal has made some startling revelations regarding a new spying programme being undertaken by the US Marshals. Apparently they’ve been using special ...

1 week ago

OS X Yosemite Kills Third-Party SSD Support

The new OS X 10.10 Yosemite was received pretty well upon release, sure it had a few minor hiccups, but overall it was an improvement. But not everything is visible right ...

1 week ago