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Wrong way

Defaulted IP Location Led to GPS Hell for a Couple from Kansas

We've all had that problem where a company would fail to locate us, be it because you have a new address or their sat nav system is out of date, telling them to find you ...

2 weeks ago
White House now uses facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger Can Now Get Your Letter to the President

Social media has done what many has considered impossible for years. With people all over the world connecting on a daily basis, with everything from your old school ...

2 weeks ago

Soon Chrome Will Wave Goodbye to Flash

Companies all over have become keen to dodge and even kill the Flash plugin, with companies often avoiding it due to the many (and we mean many) security flaws it seems to ...

2 weeks ago

Pirates Appear to be Winning as Denuvo Starts to Crack

Pirates are a key problem in today's age, we are not talking about the kind that will steal your gold and raid your villages but the kind that will take your hard-earned ...

2 weeks ago

Gigabyte Launches RX 460 WINDFORCE OC

After being leaked out right before launch, Gigabyte has now officially revealed their RX 460 graphics cards. Using the new Polaris 11 GPU, the RX 460 WINDFORCE OC bring ...

2 weeks ago

AMD Reportedly Scores Apple MacBook Deal

In recent years, Apple has oscillated between the two major GPU designers Nvidia and AMD. Recently, AMD has been scoring the majority of the deals, getting their graphics ...

2 weeks ago

Cryorig A40 Ultimate 240mm AIO Hybrid CPU Cooler

Introduction Ready to take your cooling to the next level? Long-time air cooling enthusiasts and experts Cryorig have thrown aside their focus on air and headed ...

2 weeks ago
AMD Financial Analyst 2015 Zen 2

AMD Zen ES CPU Benchmarks Look Promising

After what has seemed like years out in the wilderness, AMD is finally getting back to the CPU game with force. Teased multiple times over the past weeks, the new Zen CPU ...

2 weeks ago
Boeing Habitat

Would You Live in a Habitat From NASA?

When it comes to space travel, we are constantly looking at new engines and ways to reach the stars with a little more time for ourselves. The problem is, have we really ...

2 weeks ago
dead rising pc (4)

Dead Rising PC Release Date and System Requirements Revealed

A little while ago, we told you that Dead Rising will make its way to the PC after 10 years, and it looks like its release date on this platform is just around the corner. ...

2 weeks ago
asus strix rx 460

Asus Unveils Radeon RX 460 STRIX Graphics Card

Most of you are already aware by now that the Radeon RX 460 is not exactly a powerhouse, but it's still good enough for casual gaming. This makes it an ideal pick for ...

2 weeks ago

Seagate Unveil Amazing 60TB SSD

When it comes to SSDs, most users have to settle for ones smaller than their traditional mechanical hard drives, but there are some SSDs out there that show they are ...

2 weeks ago
online gaming

Online Gaming Can Be Linked To Higher Grades

What we do every day defines a little part of us. From taking five minutes before work to go catch up with the family to avoiding the bus and walking for those ten minutes ...

2 weeks ago

MMO Gamer Stays Silent After Unlocking 11 Year Old Secret

Easter eggs are a great way to keep fans looking for more. Some games include them, with secret levels and hidden bosses restricting and challenging players all over. When ...

2 weeks ago

AMD PRO Zen CPU and APU Roadmap Leaked

Over the past couple of weeks, AMD has been showing off Zen to the word. Using the new x86 architecture, the new design is reportedly set to offer 40%+ IPC compared to ...

2 weeks ago

AWD-IT Valyrian GTX 1060 Gaming PC Review

Introduction AWD-IT is one of the UK's leading hardware retailers with a rich pedigree in the computing field spanning over 10 years. This means they're able to ...

2 weeks ago
amd chip

AMD Wants Energy-Efficient Gaming PCs

High-end gaming PCs are notorious energy hogs, but a new white paper from AMD has shown how GPUs could become more energy-efficient. A recent study by the Natural ...

2 weeks ago

Pokémon Go Nearby Tracker Returns

Niantic Labs has rolled out a new update for Pokémon Go that includes a new nearby Pokémon tracking feature. The removal of the broken “three-step” tracking feature, ...

2 weeks ago
facebook ads

Facebook to Bypass Ad-Blockers

Numerous news sites have declared war on ad-blocking software this year – the likes of Forbes, New York Times, and Wired have already instituted a policy of withholding ...

2 weeks ago
elder scrolls

Bethesda Wants Peter Jackson to Make Elder Scrolls Movie

While the number of successful film adaptations of video games can (generously) be counted on one hand, developers still persist with their attempts to translate their ...

2 weeks ago
quake champions

Bethesda Says Consoles Can’t Support Its “Vision” for Quake Champions

Upcoming first-person shooter game Quake Champions is being developed by id Software and published by Bethesda Softworks as part of the renowned Quake series of ...

2 weeks ago

MSI is Preparing a Pioneering VR Ready Notebook Range

MSI has rapidly established itself as a market leader in the gaming laptop sector and released a wide range of products targeting different budgets and form factors. Whether ...

2 weeks ago
usb in pitchfork's shape that contains a malware software

Researchers Uncover Advanced Cyber-Espionage Malware

Malware can be easy to spot sometimes, but other times it can be incredibly elusive, especially it was put together by government-sponsored hacking groups. A good example ...

2 weeks ago

Play Thousands of Amiga Games In-Browser

Internet Archive has released an archive of over 10,000 Commodore Amiga games, from 1980s Amiga 500 games to Amiga 1200 titles from circa 1995. The Amiga was one of the ...

2 weeks ago
xbox one controller

Windows 10 Update Breaks Xbox Controller Support

Reports suggest a number of gamers using the new Windows 10 Anniversary edition are now struggling to use their Xbox One controllers with their PCs. It seems the update ...

2 weeks ago