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Google Glass Could Soon Make Its Way Into The Doctors Exam Room

Nashvill based startup Octovis, Inc. are looking to bring Google’s $1500 Glass into the examination room and operating theatre. Their intention is to make it easier for ...

1 week ago

Certain Farts Can Prevent Cancer, Strokes and Dementia Say Scientists?!

No that isn’t a typo in the title, a team of scientists are proving once again that they have a little too much time on their hands, but on the plus side, perhaps ...

1 week ago

Microsoft Challenges Gamers To Spot Difference in 1080p / 60FPS Debate

The wave of debate between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 gamers is just as fierce as it has always been. Personally I couldn’t give a rizzle about it all, because I own ...

1 week ago

A Gigawatt of Electricity a Month Passing Through Tesla’s Chargers

Tesla are really making a big impact on the world of motoring and now there are so many Tesla Model S cards on the road, that use many of their Tesla electric car chargers to ...

1 week ago
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SpaceX Granted Permission to Build Spaceport in Texas

SpaceX have just been given approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to build their massive 56.5 acre spaceport on the Gulf of Mexico, right on the Texas-Mexico ...

1 week ago

Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets Massive Update

Majong owned gaming sensation Minecraft Pocket Edition (PE) has been given a massive overhaul that will bring the mobile experience more in line with the desktop offering. The ...

1 week ago

Fly from New York to China in 2 Hours by 2020

Have you ever sat in your 19 floor beach-side mansion and thought to yourself: “If only I could fly to Bejing and back in one day, that would make it much easier to ...

1 week ago

AMD’s Carrizo APUs Based on 28nm, Have Stacked DRAM On-Package

New information has emerged about AMD’s next generation desktop “Carrizo” APUs. We already know so far that Carrizo will be arriving in 2015, it will make ...

1 week ago

AMD Releases Catalyst 14.7 RC Driver: No Windows 8 Support

AMD released their Catalyst 14.6 RC drivers not that long ago, that new driver package included some notable improvements including the ability to run mixed-resolution ...

1 week ago

First iPhone 6 Clone Is Out Before The iPhone 6 Itself: Runs Android

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” is how the well known saying goes and that is always the case for Apple’s iPhone products. Whether you like ...

1 week ago

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth DLC Gets Teaser Trailer, Coming July 15th

Battlefield 4 Dragon’s Teeth is the latest DLC for the base Battlefield 4 game. The new DLC will launch July 15th for Battlefield Premium members and 2 weeks later for ...

1 week ago
Android_ICS_Factory Reset

Avast: Factory Reset Doesn’t Remove Personal User Data

The assumption that a factory reset erases all the data you’ve put onto an Android device is a fairly common one among most Android users. However, this simply may not ...

1 week ago

The FCC Receives Almost 650,000 Comments Regarding Net Neutrality

The Federal Communications Commission is apparently hoping to roll out a new law that would deny Internet Service Providers to allow prioritized traffic for companies who ...

1 week ago

Samsung Rolls Out its Exynos ModAP SoC with Integrated LTE

South Korean smartphone manufacturer, Samsung, has just announced its latest SoC addition, the ModAP chip, which features an integrated 4G LTE radio. While the company was ...

1 week ago

Bullet-Sized Homing Missiles Undergoing Tests at Darpa

We have seen a lot of advancements in military equipment and devices in recent years, but it seems that there is more to come. The latest news shows that the US military has ...

1 week ago

Rockstar Issues Ban To GTA V Social Club TV Leaker

Rockstar deployed the ban hammer this week after one sneaky user broke into their database and leaked images from the upcoming GTA V Social Club TV feature. Rockstar have ...

1 week ago

ASUS Z97 Gryphon Armor Edition (LGA 1150) Motherboard Review

Introduction, Specifications and Packaging The ASUS TUF line is always one of the more exciting product ranges to come out of the ASUS consumer motherboard platform, albeit a ...

1 week ago
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Flexible Screen From LG Could Make Roll-Up TV’s A Reality

The latest display technology from LG could pave the way for a TV unlike any other. We’ve seen flexible displays before, but this is the first I know of that can be ...

1 week ago

Dropbox Gets Speed Boost Thanks to Streaming Sync

A new edition of the Dropbox desktop client was introduced on Friday, bringing with it an upgrade version of its file-sync technology that allows the streaming of larger ...

1 week ago

DS100 Interceptor Gaming Mouse Revealed by MSI

MSI are back once again with their second gaming mouse, and picking up where the Gaming Series W8 mouse left off, the new MSI Interceptor DS100 sports the sleek black and red ...

1 week ago

Silverstone Grandia GD10 HTPC Chassis Coming Soon

Silverstone are a dominant force in the HTPC market and their Grandia have proven a popular choice for system builders for quite some time. Now they’ve gone back to the ...

1 week ago

ASUS H97-Pro Gamer LGA1150 Motherboard Revealed

Asus are back with yet another gaming series motherboard in the form of their new H97-Pro Gamer. The new ATX motherboard brings with it features like 10 Gbit/s M.2 and SATA ...

1 week ago

Neversoft Go out in Style by Burning a Replica of Their Logo

There was nothing cooler for me when I was a kid, turning on my PlayStation 1, putting in Tony Hawks pro skater 3 and seeing the Neversoft eyeball getting impaled on a spike, ...

2 weeks ago

International Astronomical Union (IAU) Planet-Naming Contest Opening Up

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) will open up exoplanet naming contests starting next year, in an effort to cut off the complicated names following the once-strict ...

2 weeks ago

Driver Of Stolen Model S Becomes First Person To Die In A Tesla

Since its launch in June 2012, the Tesla Model S has been one of Tesla’s top selling cars and with a price tag starting at around $70,000 (or £50,000 here in the UK), ...

2 weeks ago