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You Can Now Do Real Science in Eve Online

EVE Online is one of the most popular MMORPG games around, set 21,000 years into the future as human colonize deep space and compete for resources. The games got a long ...

1 week ago

Massive Overhaul Mod ‘GMDX’ for Original Deus Ex Gets Release Date

Deus Ex is one of the definitive PC games in all PC gaming history. Released in 2000 the game has a continued fan-base and has seen numerous tweaks and mods, as well as a ...

1 week ago

Entire Skyrim Map Recreated in Unreal Engine 4

Modding a game is one thing, it can be a demanding hobby that requires quite a lot of knowledge of a game's engine and the ability to modify its assets, but porting an ...

1 week ago

Are These the Best Video Game Remakes Ever?

Classic games are great, but just like so many movies that have been remade, although often not the better for it, gaming is no stranger to remakes of older titles either. ...

1 week ago
golden-dreams-geneva-apple-watch-gold-08 (1)

Apple Watch 2 Reportedly Coming in Q2 2016

The first iteration of the Apple Watch has sold remarkably well despite being publicly ridiculed. Clearly, the top-end pricing reaches eye-watering levels but the basic ...

1 week ago
Michael Dell

Dell CEO Says “Post-PC” Era has been Great for PCs

Despite what the folks at Apple are thinking, it looks like there are still plenty of companies that believe the PC market is still pretty vibrant. CEO, founder and owner ...

1 week ago

Research Finds In-Game Usernames Correlated With Anti-Social Behaviour

According to the latest research, it turns out the names we pick in game are a good predictor of how we behave in-game. By looking at the usernames of player in League of ...

1 week ago

Seagate SSHD 2TB Solid State Hybrid Drive Review

Introduction When we think storage, we usually think in one of two directions. Either we think of the traditional mechanical hard disk drives with large ...

1 week ago
gmail logo

Gmail to Warn Users About Unencrypted Emails

In recent years, Google has been working hard to improve privacy and security on their services, with the majority of emails sent and received on Gmail now being ...

1 week ago

Player Recreates the Piano Scene from Big – In Fallout 4!

Have you been enjoying Fallout 4 this week? Some people seem to have completely abandoned the main quest for other pursuits, such as building giant pianos! After 19 ...

1 week ago

Windows 3.1 System Shuts Down Paris Airport

Last Saturday, the Orly airport in Paris was forced to ground all flights due to a computer glitch and not just any glitch, but one caused by a system running Windows 3.1 ...

1 week ago

WhatsApp’s Promise of True Encryption Proven False

Last year, the Facebook-owned messaging app Whatsapp, in a move applauded by privacy advocates, announced that it would be introducing end-to-end encryption to protect ...

1 week ago
ad tracking

Advertisers Tracking TV, PC & Mobile Use Through Inaudible Sounds

Free internet advocates the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) have raised concerns with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) that online behaviour is being tracked ...

1 week ago
2014082517315015-88s (1)

TteSports Talon Blu Ambidextrous Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction Picking the right gaming mouse can be tricky, but so long as you know what kind of features and the kind of budget you need to stick to, there are ...

1 week ago
everest VR

Nvidia Unveils an Impressive CGI Model of Everest

After it unveiled a brand new developer module that can be used to make machines smarter, Nvidia has also revealed a very impressive teaser for "Everest VR" at an event ...

1 week ago

Synology RT1900ac Router Now Officially Available

It has been about five months since we first saw Synology's take on a router during our visit at Computex and it already won the Computex Best Choice Golden Award at that ...

1 week ago

Mobile Gaming Revenue Will Exceed $25 Billion by The End of 2015

The rise of mobile gaming has been pretty dramatic in the last few years and attracted a casual audience to the industry. As a result, free-to-play mobile games like Candy ...

1 week ago
fallout 4 leaks bethesda

Fallout 4 Ships 12 Million Copies on Launch Day

Fallout 4 is one of the most anticipated video game releases in recent memory and on course to break a number of sales records. Bethesda shipped 12 million copies on ...

1 week ago
fallout 4 leaks bethesda

Fallout 4 Release Causes Significant Drop in Pornhub Traffic

With reports coming in that Fallout 4 has sold 12 million copies on release day alone, there's no doubt about it, Bethesda's latest game is a smash hit. We've all heard ...

1 week ago

Synology DS716+ Now Officially Available Worldwide

Synology officially announced the worldwide availability on the successor of the DiskStation DS713+ NAS, the brand new DS716+ with upgraded CPU and 4K video transcoding ...

1 week ago
google self-driving car pulled over

A Google Self-Driving Car Was Pulled over for Going Too Slow

Well I guess this was bound to happen sooner or later, right? Not too long ago, one of Google's self-driving cars was pulled over by a police officer near the company's ...

1 week ago
darksiders II deathinitive edition

Current Gen Consoles Incapable of Running Darksiders 2 Remaster at 60 FPS

Darksiders 2 is a hack and slash role-playing game which received fairly positive reviews back in 2012. Although, it didn't really provide the magical formula which made ...

2 weeks ago

Google Lets You Experience Museums From Your Chair!

For those who are interested in the museum trip, you can now do it from the comfort of your own home. Engadget has reported that Google is teaming up with the British ...

2 weeks ago

BIOSTAR Unveils Hi-Fi H170S3H Motherboard

BIOSTAR is a hardware manufacturer which caters to a wide range of price points and often releases products to perfectly suit the budget-conscience consumer. Today, the ...

2 weeks ago
soviet pc 1

A Look Inside the Secret World of Soviet PCs

Much like present-day North Korea, Soviet Russia was isolated from the rest of the world, hidden behind the post-war Iron Curtain. Unknown to many, the rise of personal ...

2 weeks ago