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Japanese Carrier Will No Longer Tell Customers If They’re Being Tracked

When it comes to your information there is a lot that can be used against you, most of which you provide freely to social media and mobile apps. One piece of information ...

1 week ago
star wars battlefront

Here’s Why Star Wars: Battlefront Doesn’t Have a Story Mode

Star Wars: Battlefront is definitely not a bad game. It has very good graphics and is able to offer countless hours of multiplayer shooting/lightsaber hacking fun, but it ...

1 week ago
Statcounter World Wide Desktop Browser marketshare Firefox

Firefox Bumps Microsoft Browsers Down to Third Place

Arriving to market in the early 2000s, Mozilla Firefox soon offered a viable alternative to the Microsoft Internet Explorer dominated landscape. After defeating ...

1 week ago
total war warhammer dx12

Total War: Warhammer Will Have Dx12 Support After Launch

Everything that we've seen so far seems to suggest that the upcoming Total War: Warhammer game is going to be a huge hit. Even though the game is based on DirectX 11 by ...

1 week ago

CableMod’s New ModMesh Kits Look Fantastic

Braided power supply cables are a fantastic addition to a custom PC build and add a premium touch which cannot be replicated using stock cables. Traditionally, consumers ...

1 week ago
AMD Bristol Ridge Pre-Launch Pre-Announcement GTC 3

AMD Bristol Ridge Pops up on Geekbench

Before we get to the lovely Zen architecture that is supposed to save AMD, there is still one more iteration of the Construction cores. Last month, AMD did a ...

1 week ago
AMD RTG Polaris GPU 5

AMD Polaris 10 Samples Clock at 1.2 Ghz

After what seems like an eternity on 28nm, Both Nvidia and AMD are moving to new process nodes. Nvidia has already shown their hand with their Pascal GTX 1080 on 16nm ...

1 week ago
Lian Li

Lian Li Announces New Budget Steel Series

Lian Li has a reputation for creating some of the most prestigious cases on the market and always employs premium materials. These aluminium creations are very popular ...

1 week ago

TP-Link Unveils The World’s First 802.11 ad Router

TP-Link is one of the most established names when it comes to networking hardware and produces a huge range of dependable products. Their latest creation dubbed the Talon ...

1 week ago

The Soft Exosuit That Can Help You Walk Again

Technology can be used to do everything from helping create self-driving cars and trucks to giving people a computer in their eyes. One thing that technology looks to do ...

1 week ago

InWin 303 Mid-Tower Chassis Review

Introduction InWin has quickly become the masters of chassis design, after a string of successes with their high-end and award-winning chassis products over the ...

1 week ago

Mozilla Wont Get the Secrets Behind FBI’s Hack

When the FBI started taking people to court for accessing and storing illegal materials that they had managed to track back thanks to a vulnerability in the Tor browser, ...

1 week ago
GTX 1070 Nvidia GeForce

Nvidia Confirms GTX 1070 Specifications

Yesterday, we got our first leak of what the Nvidia GTX 1070 specifications might look like. Compared to our previous estimates, the leak was a bit disappointing as ...

1 week ago

Star Trek Series Gets New Teaser Trailer

When it comes to science fiction series, there are a few which no matter how you feel should be considered classics. One of the bigger series is Star Trek, with several ...

1 week ago

Woorld is a Brand New AR Game From the Creators of Katamari Damacy

Katamari Damacy is simultaneously one of the wackiest yet also the most charming games in recent history, combining simple-yet-fun gameplay with a uniquely crazy style. ...

1 week ago

167 Million LinkedIn User Records For Sale by Hacker

On the dark web, a hacker has come out to be selling the account details of 167 million users of the professional social networking site LinkedIn. The hacker announced his ...

1 week ago
Updating Windows 7 Just Got Easier Thanks to This Massive Patch

Updating Windows 7 Just Got Easier Thanks to This Massive Patch

Even though Windows 10 is becoming more and more popular and it even managed to surpass Windows 7 in a recent Steam Hardware Survey, many people still prefer to use the ...

1 week ago
Black Ops

Black Ops Sells Like Secrets Thanks to Backward Compatibility Announcement

When it comes to games selling, some of the classics still sell well. Sega recently announced how happy they were that during their recent sale, the mega drive collection ...

1 week ago

AMD Makes Gains in Discrete Graphics Market

AMD's market share in the discrete sector hasn't been ideal for a considerable amount of time and raised some questions if they could turn this worrying trend around. ...

1 week ago

27-Inch IPS-Glass WQHD 60Hz OEM Monitor Review

Introduction Even though the majority of consumers currently use 1080P displays, there are huge benefits to higher-resolution monitors including vastly improved ...

1 week ago

Upgrade Your Truck With The Self-Driving Otto!

While it is one thing to create a self-driving car like those being created by Tesla or rumoured to be in the works for Apple, it is something else altogether to upgrade ...

1 week ago

Seeing the World of Warcraft Movie Will Include a Free Copy of WoW

Often when a blockbuster movie releases, companies strive to cash in on its success as much as possible, offering toys, books, and even video games that tie in with the ...

1 week ago

Foxconn Taking Mobile Off Microsoft’s Hands in $350m Deal

Microsoft has really struggled to gain a foothold in the mobile sector and their current market share is dwindling at a disappointing rate. To be fair, it's extremely ...

1 week ago

Oculus Tells Devs: “Now is the Time to be Thinking About VR”

Virtual Reality is often perceived as the future of entertainment and has the potential to offer unique experiences we never thought possible. Currently, there is a huge ...

1 week ago
EVGA Reveals X99 FTW K Motherboard (1)

EVGA Reveals High-End X99 FTW K Motherboard

EVGA hinted at the release of its X99 FTW K motherboard a few weeks back, and now we're finally able to admire this product in its entire glory. The X99 FTW K was ...

1 week ago