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AMD Radeon VII Stock Is “Strictly Limited” To Reference Design

AMD Radeon VII

One of the biggest announcements of the recent CES 2019 was AMD’s brand new graphics card. The Radeon VII appears (pending some 3rd party benchmarks) to be one of the most competitive graphics cards released from Team Red for quite some time. Yes, it may not have DLSS or ray tracing (a matter Nvidia was quick to point out), but it does seem to pack a pretty hefty level of performance.

In a report via PCGamesN, however, if you are planning on buying one, you might be in for some difficulty. Why? Well, it seems that the reference model is the only one set for launch.

No Custom Designs

With the AMD Radeon VII set to release on February 7th, it is reported that the reference model (in other words, AMD’s own) will be the only version initially available. Yes, not even Powercolor (who have a longstanding reputation for AMD graphics cards) will have anything ready. It does, however, go a step further by suggesting rumours that no 3rd party designs will ever be released.

What Do We Think?

Well, we’d be exceptionally surprised if 3rd-party custom designs never released. It is more than likely that AMD are simply copying their release pattern for their Vega graphics cards. You may recall that it was quite sometime after the initial release until custom-models started coming to the market.

If nothing else, it will certainly be a disappointment if the reference remains the only example. It would, after all, have been nice to see what other firms could squeeze out of it.

At this point though, the Radeon VII releases on February 7th, it may be in short supply, there are no 3rd-party designs (that are known), and there may never be. That sums it up quite nicely! Albeit, we doubt that quite covers how it will all really turn out!

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Mike Sanders

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