Antec C400 & A40 Pro CPU Air Cooler Review

/ 9 months ago

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Antec C400 & A40 Pro CPU Air Cooler Review

Budget coolers may not get all of the big headlines, but they’re a vital part of many system builds. Antec has a strong collection of coolers to their name, and we’re eager to see what some of their latest have to offer. To kick things off, we’ll be taking a look at their affordable C400 and the A40 Pro.

C400 – Elite Performance CPU Cooler

“Combat heat with Antec’s C400 CPU Cooler. Designed for leading Intel and AMD processors, the C400 CPU Cooler supports Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme, and AMD™ Sempron, among others. The 8 mm thick copper coldplate and nickel-plated aluminum fins with four embedded heat pipes achieve maximum heat transference as well as lightweight durability. And with the stealthily quiet blue LED PWM (pulse width modulation) fan, the C400 CPU Cooler is the perfect tool to combat heat when overclocking your processor.”

A40 Pro – The Quiet Assassin

“Defeat heat created by your processor and allow for improved operation with the A40 PRO by Antec. Designed for compatibility with leading desktop processor sockets, the A40 PRO supports Intel® Core™ i7 Extreme, and AMD™ Sempron, among others. This performance CPU cooler features a whisper-quiet 92 mm LED pulse width modulation (PWM) fan and a large, aluminum heat fin structure with four embedded heat pipes, allowing your CPU to cool off efficiently.”

The C400 is designed for high-performance cooling, even on high-end desktop CPUs. It uses a 120mm LED fan and four 8mm head pipes, so we’re expecting good results from this one. Then we have the A40 Pro which is much smaller, with a 92mm LED fan, and also features a four heat pipe design. It is smaller, so we would expect less cooling performance, but some builds need a smaller cooler, and it’ll be interesting to see how the two compare.

Check out the C400 and A40 Pro product pages for more details.

Packaging and Accessories

Both coolers use the new Antec mounting system, so no need to take two pictures. Everything you need for Intel and AMD mounts comes in included, and there are also some extra fans clips and a tube of thermal paste for good measure.

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