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Apple to Ditch Google With New Search Engine Leaked

Over the last few years, Google has reportedly been paying Apple massive sums of money in order to keep its search engine as the default option on the IOS platform. Following a report via TechPowerUp, however, images that have leaked online from an upcoming IOS update that has revealed that Apple may be looking to ditch Google (and presumably those billions of dollars they get paid) in favor of creating their very own search engine!

Apple to Make Its Own IOS Search Engine?

Recent changes made to the iOS 14 and iPad OS 14 beta release has seen more than a few indications suggesting that new software has been designed to specifically bypass Google’s search engine function. The changes effectively result in any search inquiries directly linking to relevant websites rather than pulling up the Google search results.

With changes also noted to the Applebot web crawler, it is thought that, over time, Apple’s algorithm will start to learn how to pull up better results and, by proxy, make it able to provide more effective suggestions without the need for Google.

What Do We Think?

Despite the fact that Apple gets paid billions of dollars to retain the ‘default’ use of the Google search engine, we have seen more than a few indications over the last year to suggest that Apple is very much keen to try and make itself entirely independent of other companies. For example, we have already seen them ditch Intel processors in their new Macs and a similar move is expected for their new (iPhone 12) smartphone chipsets.

For those of you who do use Apple products regularly, however, get prepared for the probability that some pretty big changes are likely just on the horizon for the way you search on the internet.

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Mike Sanders

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