Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag To Be Better Optimized For PC

/ 4 years ago


Ubisoft has revealed that they have done a better work optimizing their new Assassin’s Creed title for the PC, which happens to be the platform receiving the worst of Ubisoft with every generation of new game titles. Well, things will be different his time round. At least, that’s what Ubisoft promises.

According to Luc Poirier, team lead for the rendering team for Assassins Creed 4 at Ubisoft Montreal, there was a major optimisation pass that was done on the engine and as a result of that, the game will scale on more than three cores and will run better than its predecessors.

“There was a major optimization pass that was done on the engine, not just for the PC, but for every platform. The scheduler used for the rendering was rewritten from the ground up. In Assassins Creed 4, the engine will use all the cores it needs until it sees that using more cores brings no more gain. So, yes we should expect better performance on PC than Assassins Creed 3, especially on DX11 hardware.” said Luc Poirier.

The game engine has added support for the powerful DirectX 11 API, which has been available for over 4 years now. It was high time Ubisoft made a move to it and updated their Anvil Engine accordingly. It’s possible that the updated Anvil Engine supports DirectX 11.2 and AMD’s Mantle, but we’ll have to wait a little bit longer to find that out.

Thank you NextPowerUp and DSO Gaming for providing us with this information.

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8 Responses to “Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag To Be Better Optimized For PC”
  1. Skidmarks says:

    Gee.. How nice. I wonder if the protagonist will still cling to every climbable object while casually trying to escape the enemy. I also hope those ridiculous, waste of time puzzle games are gone.

    • commiczar says:

      puzzles are better when playing 2cnd or 3rd time round as you know where the storyline is going

      • Skidmarks says:

        As much as I love the AC series, they can really annoy me as well, especially the game mechanics. I mentioned the puzzles because although I didn’t mind them in AC 2, they really irritated me subsequently but hey, that’s just me.

        • commiczar says:

          just found the pc version so hard to control assassin when it went into the video sort of control during the puzzles , could not get camera into logical position so jump / positioning was logical
          felt this was where the port from console let us pc users down

          • Skidmarks says:

            It’s inherent throughout the whole series and a real nuisance. I don’t know what the devs were thinking of including it on the PC version. That and the fact that your character clings to every climbable object when you least want him to. Apart from the obvious irritations I really like the series.

  2. Leon Jeremy says:

    I really hope this is true as I was very disappointed at how unoptimized AC3 was.

    • commiczar says:

      was not just ac3 brotherhood and revelations both had to have massive day one patches and the assassin still tries to climb things when you are trying to turn the corner or look innocent

  3. commiczar says:

    I sincerely hope ubisoft has spent more time on it’s games as buying a new game then having what appears to be a total rewrite as a patch on day one is mind blowingly frustrating and frustratingly annoying…..if it’s not ready do not release it
    I would rather wait a few days and be able to play from minute one as soon as it is loaded

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