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Corsair AX850 Titanium Modular Power Supply Review

Efficiency, PFC and Voltage Regulation

Voltage Regulation

Firstly looking at the voltage regulation, the Corsair AX850 gets off to an exceptionally strong start. While there might be a little variance from what the ‘perfect’ results should be, a closer look at our results reveals something far more important. You will notice that throughout the variety of load testing we conducted, the results provided were amazingly consistent.

This clearly shows that regardless of how much you ask of this power supply, it is capable of providing the ‘reliable, continuous power’ Corsair claims at a remarkable level.

Power Efficiency

For those of you unfamiliar with power efficiency ratings, Titanium is as good as it gets. This rating represents the absolute best standard currently recognised in PSU design and as such, for a product to meet it, it must provide exceptionally strong results. The Corsair AX850, however, easily meets this standard.

Now, there is a little fly in the ointment that the 50% rating should be a little bit higher than our testing indicated. We do, however, generally tend to allow for margins of error when it comes to testing. Ultimately, there’s a lot of complicated maths at work to provide this result and as you will note, the 80%-100% results are well above the requirements made of the efficiency rating.

As such, we’re not only happy to confirm that this is Titanium rated, but also to say that it does a lot better than what even that high standard requires.

Power Factor Correction

While the PFC rating is a little low at 20% load, this isn’t usual. It equally isn’t surprising to see that when you start asking this power supply to work hard, it steps up its game to provide excellently strong results.

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