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Corsair RM Series RM650 Power Supply Review

Corsair RM650

Without a doubt, Corsair is one of the biggest brands around in terms of PC components and peripherals. In fact, the chances are that as you read this some product of theirs is happily installed in your system.

When Corsair got in touch with us about their brand new (and updated) RM series, however, it was clear that this was something a little different to the usual product release. Being formally announced today at Computex, the RM650 (which we are reviewing here in case you hadn’t figured that out by now) represents something more than a little special.

Featuring an 80 Plus Gold certification and a 10-year guarantee, Corsair has really come out swinging with this power supply. While we have never failed to be impressed with any of their products, we were told (in not so many words) that this would represent a significant release for the company in terms of performance. We can’t wait to find out if that’s true!

Before we continue, we should note that this release represents 3 new products from the updated range. Namely, the 650-watt design (as reviewed here) and two others at 750w and 850w. The review for this particular model, however, is expected to be indicative of the entire range.


  • 80 PLUS Gold Certified: High-efficiency operation for lower power consumption, less noise and cooler temperatures.
  • Tuned for Low Noise Operation: A 140mm rifle bearing fan with a specially calculated fan curve ensures that fan noise is kept to a minimum, even at full load.
  • 105° C-Rated Primary Electrolytes: Delivers consistent, reliable power and superb electrical performance.
  • Microsoft Modern Standby Compatible: Extremely fast wake-from-sleep times and better low-load efficiency.
  • Zero RPM Fan Mode: At low and medium loads the cooling fan switches off entirely for near-silent operation.
  • Fully Modular Cables: Only connect the cables your system needs, making clean and tidy builds easier.
  • SLI Ready: Power multiple GPUs for maximum gaming performance.
  • Compact Size: A 160mm-long casing ensures an easy fit in almost all modern enthusiast PC cases.
  • Ten-year Warranty: Your guarantee of reliable operation that will last across several system builds.


For more details specifications, please visit the official product page via the link here!

What Corsair Has To Say

The Corsair RM650 is fully modular and optimized for silence and high efficiency. It’s built with low-noise capacitors and transformers, and Zero RPM Fan Mode ensures that the fan doesn’t even spin until the power supply is under heavy load. And with a fan that’s custom-designed for low noise operation, it’s whisper-quiet even when it’s pushed hard.

80 PLUS Gold rated efficiency saves you money on your power bill, and the low-profile black cables are fully modular, so you can enjoy fast, neat builds. And, like all Corsair power supplies, the RM650 is built with high-quality components and is guaranteed to deliver clean, stable, continuous power.


As a fully modular power supply, Corsair has given you more than enough connectors for the vast majority of systems. While the RM650 isn’t exactly spilling over with spares, there is more than enough here to hook up the standard (or even slightly special) gaming PC.

The cables are provided within a nice and study (oh, and branded) box which provides you with an excellent place to keep those you don’t require. At least not yet. The cables themselves have a nice sleek black design and are also more than long (and flexible) enough to suit any system.

The only item of particular note is the SATA adaptors. Specifically because you are only provided with 3 on a single strip. Ideally, we would’ve preferred to see a 2nd separate strip. As such, if you have a rather large case, connecting your storage drives and perhaps a DVD-drive may provide you with some difficulty. We are, however, led to believe that the larger wattage alternatives in the range do come with extra power cables.

  • 24 pin motherboard connector
  • 2 x 8 pin CPU connector
  • 3 x SATA
  • 4 x Molex
  • 4 x 6(+2) PCI-E
  • 1 x regional based mains power cable.

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