E-Blue K820 Professional Gaming Combo Review

/ 2 years ago

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A Closer Look

The Mazface, despite its peculiar name, looks and feels fantastic. It has a cloth texture, but it’s quite soft to touch and will offer you a great amount of glide. the base is a little grippy, so it won’t slide around and the design means you should be able to roll it up for storage if needed.


the keyboard is a plunger type membrane keyboard, nothing fancy in technical terms, far from it actually, but it doesn’t have to be high-end, it just has to work well enough. Thankfully, the switches are insanely good, a lot of plunger switches can feel muddy or a little slow to return, but these are quick, snappy and offer a feedback that’s like a Kailh Red type switch; albeit a little quieter.


The overall design is pretty funky, with a lightly textured black finish to the key caps, and those day-glow blue gaming caps on the WASD and arrow keys; a set of normal black caps is included too.


There’s a unique shape to the keyboard frame, it’s nothing too fancy, but it gives it a unique appearance that is sure to look great on your desktop.


Working and gaming on this keyboard is a lot more fun than I expected. Sure it’s pretty lightweight, so it does have a bit a clanky noise to it at times, but the typing action is really on point here. The fast keys are fantastic for a few games of League of Legends, and held up great in CS:GO too.


The plunger switch is a nice hybrid between mech and membrane, although it technically isn’t a huge departure from the latter. Of course, the how is less important than the result here and you’ll be more than happy working through your emails or night of gaming here.


If you want a more professional look, you can pull of the caps and install these all black ones. I prefer the blue ones, so they’ll be going right back on, they look pretty cool.


The Cobra mouse certainly has presence to it, and follows a slim ergonomic shape that reminds me of the Razer Diamondback; no bad thing, especially if you like a fingertip or claw grip! The side has a few aggressive cutaway, although they’re purely aesthetic, you’ll also find some LED lighting near the side buttons, which we’ll see in action shortly.

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There’s a great soft matte finish to the plastic, giving the Cobra a little extra grip.


The mouse is tuned for right-hand use, so there are no extra buttons on the right, but the grip is fairly symmetrical overall.


The left and right mouse buttons are scooped, giving you a good finger resting position and there’s a soft rubber grip on the scroll wheel. If anything, the scroll wheel isn’t that great, it does have a bit of horizontal movement and the bump when rotated could be more pronounced, it’s not a deal breaker, but there is room for improvement here. Behind that, a DPI toggle with three presets; 400/800/1600DPI.


Four good size slipmats on the base, combined with the slim design mean that the Cobra glides really well, and especially so on the included mouse mat, which is always a good thing.


Firing up those LED’s and you can see that for a budget set, the aesthetics are really on point here.


The mouse looks gorgeous lit up and matches nicely with the bundled mouse mat colours.


Again, we see a blue strip on the bottom edge of the keyboard, providing a lovely colour match for those bright blue keys; it certainly looks fantastic.


The sensor on the Cobra isn’t the most amazing bit of kit in the world, but it’s pretty smooth overall with minimal jitter. It does exhibit some angle snapping through, which is fine for day to day stuff, but isn’t ideal for some finer FPS accuracy. Most people wouldn’t notice, but it’s something an eSport pro wouldn’t want. Lucky for E-Blue, this is a common thing with mice in this price range, so it’s not like it’s bad for the money, just something to keep in mind.eblue cobra 400

eblue cobra 800

eblue cobra 1600

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One Response to “E-Blue K820 Professional Gaming Combo Review”
  1. Greig Mccready says:

    i bought this keyboard mouse combo 3 weeks ago and when i plug in the keyboard says device not recognized. un plug and plug in again and same issue. the mouse works flawlessly. they keyboard seems to be a POS!

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