Enermax Fulmo GT Full Tower Chassis Review

/ 6 years ago

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With many people looking for a personal computing experience that enhances their lives, each component must be perfectly crafted to suit the user’s needs. Many people spend hours poring over their browsers and magazines finding out about the latest chip specs, graphics cards, and a whole host of internal hardware.

This awesome technology comes with an expensive elegance about it that any computer builder would be keen to protect as best they can. With such I diverse range of case designs on the market today, their visual aesthetics is vital to the look of your finished self-build machine.

Today we are looking at the Enermax Fulmo GT tower case. The Fulmo GT is a full size “jumbo” tower designed to offer more space and accessibility for high end work stations, servers and workstation applications. With integrated multi GPU support, the Fulmo GT has an impressive 10 expansion slots allowing up to four graphics cards to be mounted into the chassis. With 5 pre-installed fans supplied it is also possible to mount up to 15 fan modules into the case.

The Fulmo has many key features that make this case stand out from other brands including effect lighting, hot swap functionality, cable management compartments as well as dual PSU locations.

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